Today marks 21 years together. We do not take this for granted. We count it as a blessing that is beyond what we deserve.

Thank you Heather!

And an update — just a link to a post talking about how to show love — no matter what kind of a relationship you’re in.


Rachel did it!

During a short family vacation, Rachel and I climbed Mt. Cameron — her first “14er” — that’s a peak 14,000′ above sea level. To be exact, it’s 14,239 ft. or 4,340 m. At age 9, Rachel beat her brother Jay, who has climbed seven of them — because he got his first one at age 15.

The rest of the family? They had already gone to climb a few more adjacent peaks.



Celestial Seasonings is great.

By not including tags with their tea bags, they (claim to) have saved 3.5 million pounds (1.6 m kilos) of waste from entering landfills every year. That’s amazing!

That sort of environmental responsibility is worthy of being imitated by others. What examples have you seen of actions with seemingly small effect — but that end up having a large effect?