Don’t ever do this

I absolutely hate websites that make you click several times to read a single article. It’s simply nasty and mean to us, the readers.

So, website designers – if your boss or client asks you to do that for a site, please refuse. Think of the end user and respect their time.

(For the sake of naming & shaming, Automobile Magazine was the culprit, in this case.)


4 Replies to “Don’t ever do this”

  1. Advertising, my dear boy, advertising.

    Five pages provides more banner ads, page clicks, time on their site etc.

    The web designer’s is no doubt bound by the marketing department.

  2. I so totally agree, Paul. The worst is to click on the link for the next page and to find either just the credits for the article or, at best, a line or two that could have easily been put on the previous page. The irritation is exacerbated here by (often) slow internet.

    1. And I had forgotten about the slow-connection aspect to this. (How quickly I forget – though it has been almost 4 years since we left Kenya!)

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