Something useful from Skymall!

Yes, I actually found something that is useful from Skymall. (As faithful readers will know, I enjoy glancing through Skymall catalogs when I fly somewhere: post one and post two.)

I was amazed to find a good idea during the most recent trip. How cool would it be to just pop down a little hatch to reveal your Christmas lights! (Alas, the setup cost a fair amount of money – but for those who hire someone to put up and take down their lights each year, it might be worth the investment.)


2 Replies to “Something useful from Skymall!”

  1. Oh my, I did not realize you had an affinity for SkyMall. As a non-shopper, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to browse through and see all the wacky, useless stuff that satisfies the needs I never even knew I had! And all that needle-point…

    1. Skymall is amazing.

      They have our attention captured, during the “non-electronics” periods of the flight. (But I always try to bring along a physical magazine.)

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