I was given a wonderful Lindt chocolate bar for Christmas. (I love chocolate, you see.)

I was sad to read that the chocolate bar was made in New Hampshire. (Click on the image for details.) I would guess that the chef did not look like the one on the package. And yes, it tasted exactly the same as if it had been made in Germany.

Why is it I felt cheated when I know that BMWs are made in South Carolina – and I would not feel cheated if I were the buyer of a South-Carolinian BMW?

I don’t know.


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  1. Ohhhh! I like Brother Bill’s pun!

    The BMW plant is only about 20 minutes from my parents’ home and about 10 minutes from Michelin’s North American plant. BMWs being made in SC has been HUGE boost for the economy there. The airport was upgraded to “international” status, with a lengthened runway for the jumbo jets. We had hoped that we might be able to fly directly from Europe to GSP but I think the only incoming/outgoing international flights are cargo flights. BMW also made a decision to rely primarily on local suppliers for parts, etc. And, at one point, the Greenville BMW plant was the only one in the world making the BMW sports car.

    Stil, it is odd that a product we think of as being “foreign” is made in the US. Of course, many/most/all of the products from Apple that we consider “American” products are actually made in China.

    1. Bob – BMW was very smart to build a plant in the USA. And as you imply, it has done great things for South Carolina’s economy.

      I’d love to visit there someday, if they have factory tours. But we’re very rarely in that part of the country.

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