With the herd?

I hang out with a lot of entrepreneurs. In that circle, innovative ideas and creativity are highly valued, as well as a high tolerance for risk.

But it also takes a lot of people working in little cubicles to keep the wheels of life moving forward.

Both-and. It takes both ends of the spectrum for us to succeed, both corporately and as societies.

I tend toward the worker-bee end of the spectrum. But I love spending time with entrepreneurs.


2 Replies to “With the herd?”

  1. A slighty related quote I know (I’m paraphrasing): ‘Without individuals nothing would ever start. Without institutions nothing would ever continue’.

    1. Agreed. A somewhat related thought is that it takes methodical people to keep the planet running. It takes the creative people to keep the methodical people from going insane.

      I originally said “bland” instead of “methodical” in my tumblr post of September 24, 2010.

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