Humility looks good on you

(This is one of those blog posts that has been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks.)

We were visiting some friends overseas. One of them said, “That’s not how we pronounce that here – that’s only how it’s pronounced in America.”

At the time I thought, “Oh, I just didn’t know that.” But later, I realized how that friend made me feel stupid.

I’ve done that many times. “I’ve been there, and that’s not the way it really is.” Or, “It’s bad because there’s such a better way that it’s done in England, where we lived.”

I hope I lean toward humility and not toward arrogance. And I try to remember what C.S. Lewis once said: “If you think you’re not conceited, it means you are very conceited indeed.” I have a long way to go.


5 Replies to “Humility looks good on you”

  1. Ever so slowly, I’m learning not to correct everything I see or hear, and to try to be gracious when I do. But it’s hard when you know you’re right.

    1. You might have interpreted the comment differently, as someone trying to help you or educate you. I had a business partner who came in irate because her neighbor warned her not to let her dog run free. She felt it was none of the neighbor’s business. A week later, the dog was killed by a car. My friend was indeed humbled (but the dog paid the ultimate price for her unwillingness to listen).

      Sorry, that is the therapist in me…but in the spirit of your post, never mind — what do I know? I am limited by my own experiences. Love your shiny bits!

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