Spammy tactics

I am amused by spam.

But I am not amused at spammers. Recently these two “young women” followed me – and they had very similar tweets, which immediately flagged the fact that they were not real people.

My question is this: do any women Twitter users who are reading this get spammy “female” followers like this? (I am just wondering if they only target males – though I did not want to click on their links to see just who they were targeting.)

For those of you who want to follow more of my thoughts along these lines, check out my archives about spam.


2 Replies to “Spammy tactics”

  1. I did just the other day! And at the very beginning when I first signed up. But I don’t have a girl name in my tweet name so maybe being androgynous in my user name makes me more likely target.

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