Once Custom

My friend Johanna reminded me that things tarnish with time. Even beautiful Cadillacs.

So as I rode my bicycle past this 40 year old pickup, I remembered that the original owner loved it the day he drove it off the Chevrolet dealer’s parking lot. He had a great time taking his wife or best friend for a ride. He waxed the red paint with great care a few months later. He spent more at the car wash each month than his friends spent on their kids’ birthdays.

And now it’s sitting in a parking lot, having not been driven for at least 15 years. Sad.


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  1. Reminds me of the “pinkup” I had in school. a 1964 Ford that had started out life Salmon colored and then faded in the New Mexico sun – thus becoming pink. A very masculine ride…but great to work on.

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