Review: Rise Bar

Are you running out of energy at about 10 am? Does that lull hit around 3 pm?

I found a good, healthy solution – the Rise Bar.

I’ll start with my disclosure – Rise Bar was a sponsor of PodCamp Denver, the event I led last weekend. So I had the opportunity to try several flavors. Every kind I tried was tasty. (I wasn’t able to try all 12 different flavors.)

Rise BarRise Bar has a unique twist on giving you healthy energy – different bars are designed for different times of the day.

My favorite part about Rise Bars is that the ingredients are all healthy. And they’re proud enough about what’s in each bar to make the type very visible! (See the photo.)

My wife has a gluten intolerance. All of them are gluten-free.

All the ingredients are organic. I used to be skeptical about the value of organic food, but when I eat it instead of regular food, I can actually tell the difference in how I feel. (I’m not saying that I have converted completely to eating organic food; but I eat it when I can.)

My friend Tim can enjoy them with a clean conscience – the Energy+ Bars are vegan friendly.

Lest you think I am totally ravingly positive about them, I have to admit that I got a few for my kids, and they didn’t like them very much. (I think their taste buds are pretty slanted toward over sweetness. I can’t stand the breakfast cereals they like.)

So visit Rise Bar’s site. You can order online or they have a store locator. And if there’s not a store near you, they have a letter you can print out to take to your grocery store. Then they can easily stock Rise Bars!


3 Replies to “Review: Rise Bar”

  1. Rise Bars were pretty tasty, and I like that I can pretty much pronounce all of their ingredients – which is step one in deciding if something is good for you.

    Like most mylar-wrapped energy bars, they don’t respond to heat very well. The one I had the other day that was cratered in the bottom of my bag was pretty gooey and messy. I mean, it’s still good and all. But the good got EVERYWHERE.

    Price pending, I’ll be considering replacing the Clif Bars with Rise.

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