Review: InkJoy Pens

InkJoy penI love writing. As in, taking a pen out and dragging it across a piece of paper. It’s a dying art.

Papermate recently released their InkJoy series of pens. I bought a 6-pack (well, 4) and love the writing pleasure this pen provides. It glides across the page unlike anything else I’ve tried.

It’s a ballpoint, so the ink is maybe more permanent than a gel pen’s. And it just glides more smoothly than a gel pen ever could.

The only problem is a bit of blobbing. The ink is so juicy that it does leave a few blobs, but regular pen-tip cleaning solves that problem. At the end of a few lines of writing, I wipe the tip on a scrap of paper. Problem solved.

Oh – my color of choice is blue. People are more prone to believe your writing is real. (This goes back to the xerox days, when black always meant a copy.)

Disclosure: I bought these with my own money. Office Depot advertized them, and the ad convinced me to give them a try. I’m glad I did.

Disclosure two: If you would like to buy these pens via Amazon, you’ll give my friend Jon a few cents by buying them through this link. Thanks.


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  1. Wow! I always love a good pen. My standby for a few years has been Pilot G-2 05 pens. But they are not perfect. I will try these InkJoy pens the next time I’m in the market for pens.

  2. I completely agree. After buying a Space Pen and expecting to be wowed I was disappointed that it was just a plain ball point pen with a nitrogen cartridge. I ended up at Target and ran across a display for these pens and just had to try them. After writing one word I was in love. This is now my daily driver pen that goes with me everywhere, and like their marketing it is VERY hard to not have them stolen. They are effortless an smooth to write with and the white has a nice almost hipster look to it. I now buy them in bulk from Amazon.

    1. Mike – I hope that more people discover them. I have half thought of getting rid of all my other pens and only using InkJoys.

  3. I am a pen junkie,I really love using these pens they dont last very long, but i will keep buying them. One of the best pens I’ve ever used.

  4. This sounds funny since this is papermate we’re talking about, but a great way to save money is to buy the RT 100 12 packs. Then, just twist off the backs and take out the refills to use in your inkjoy RT 700. I think I heard that the refills from the 100’s are a bit shorter than the ones that fit the 700. If this is the case, just cut any sort of thing that fits in the barrel to size and enjoy your inkjoy.

    1. Great idea, James.

      Since I wrote the review, I’ve tried several different versions of the InkJoy. All seems to have the same basic goodness.

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