Duplicate sets of cars

Floyd Mayweather, Jr's carsSo there’s a boxer. His name is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He has two identical sets of cars – a white set in Las Vegas and a black set in Miami. Each set includes a Bentley, a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, a Ferrari and an unknown fourth car. My guess on the total value (and there may be more than four cars) is about $2 million. Somehow it’s not the money spent that bothers me. It’s the identical-but-different-color aspect.

Of course I’m thinking of how one man has all those opulent and amazing cars, and how the money could have been spent on a slightly better education for kids in either city. Or how some kids in Africa might not die because they have clean water.

But somehow I mostly think of what a strange thing is is to have two identical-but-different-color sets of cars.

(Thanks to the May 10, 2012 Rolling Stone Magazine for the article featuring this photo.)


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  1. The color thing is interesting. Maybe it’s so he can remember where he is when he’s driving.

    I’ve long thought that it would be neat to have a fully stocked house in, say, Colombia that I could visit whenever I want with a minimum of luggage. Back in 1990-1991, the Bendor-Samuelses owned the trailer next to ours at the ILC and also a house in England. They spent several months at at time in each place.

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