Times goes fast

Autumn leaves in a green treeAutumn is nearly upon us. As I ride my bicycle to work, I’m reminded of the disappearance of summer. (It’s chilly!)

I love the fall. Cool crisp air, leaves changing color, the feeling of being warm under the blankets, and how hot drinks just taste better.

Three months is a very short time. What are you doing to celebrate this glorious season?

To my readers who are in the southern hemisphere or on the equator – I hope that you are enjoying your season as well.


7 Replies to “Times goes fast”

  1. I’m rather worried about riding my bike home this evening. It’s was damp when I cycled in to work, but now it is very rainy, foggy and windy.

    We have two types of ‘typical autumn day’ in the UK. There are cold,clear days with the sun making the golden leaves look wonderful and there are cold, foggy, rainy days with very few redeeming features. Today is one of the latter!

  2. Our leaves have changed and are almost off the trees. In Fairbanks the month of September is fall – total, complete, one season in one month. We’re anticipating the first snow next week and from henceforth – snow, snow, snow. Until May! Perspective changes in different latitudes.

  3. Eddie – sorry for the darker days. That’s definitely a challenging aspect of living in the UK.

    Barb – I know you are steeling yourselves for a long winter. I hope the joys outweigh the challenges.

  4. Interesting to hear you talk about Autumn, which is something that hasn’t happened yet here in South TX. Still up around 90 in the afternoons. I am tired of it (bigtime).

  5. Paul, I thought about you the other day. Didn’t your aunt live at the corner of Cockrell Hill and Wheatland, in an old house with a cell tower in a corner of the yard? There was a concrete company on the Cockrell Hill side of the house that also belonged to them, if I remember correctly.

    I remember being in that house with you and composing a letter to Bobby’s erstwhile girlfriend, some 30 years ago.

    Anyway, the place was recently leveled and a gas station is being built there.

    1. You’re right, Tim – my aunt and uncle lived there. I can’t remember composing a letter there, but that may have been the case.

      She moved from there about a year ago. My uncle died about 5-10 years ago.

  6. Sorry about your uncle.

    The letter had something to do with Arachnid-Caused Pain. I think you wrote your own letter later. I don’t know why we were meddling, but I had fun writing.

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