Some things should not be combined

Angry Birds Cheese NipsAngry Birds was huge, at least a few months ago. Kraft decided to make an Angry Birds edition of their Cheese Nips crackers. Not surprisingly, it instantly made its way to the shelves of Big Lots, a store specializing in rejected products. (I love Big Lots, if only for the opportunity to see things like Angry Birds Cheese Nips.)

What product have you seen lately that lost before it even started the race?


4 Replies to “Some things should not be combined”

    1. No way to know… Moslty, I think the tie between a small-screen game and cheese snacks is minimal, at best – and Kraft realized that.

  1. I have also seen Angry Birds gummy candy for sale in bargain bins at my local grocery store. Such tie-in products always seem silly to me, but then I am not a child of the targeted age range. My thought on this particular pop culture item is that the Grumpy Cat would eat the Angry Birds. Not being much of a cat person, I have not paid much attention to Grumpy Cat, but I did love the FB post (photo) of a rear window decal that said “Grumpy Cat hates your stick -figure family.”

  2. It doesn’t seem to matter whether there is an actual tie-in or not. I’ve seen Angry Birds EVERYTHING!! Food, plush toys, games, costumes – it goes on and on. Yes, it will become passe eventually, but in the meantime Rovio (the Finnish company that developed AB) is raking it in, with downloads of the various versions in the billions. Oh why couldn’t I have created Angry Birds?!

    (And BTW, sometimes food products go to Big Lots because of their freshness dates, not their popularity.)

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