It’s not going to happen

Rusty 1969 Ford ThunderbirdIt’s healthy to realize that some dreams are not going to happen. The owner of this 1969 Ford Thunderbird may never find the time or energy to turn his rusting beast into a gleaming factory condition sedan.

One way to deal with the loss of a dream is to get a lot of distance between you and that dream. In the case of the old Thunderbird, the owner should sell it to an antique car parts dealer. Then he will not be reminded of his unfinished project – and the massive amount of work ahead – every time he sees the old beast.

Another way to move forward when facing a lost dream is to pass that dream on to someone who can finish your project. You will first need to convince them of the value of your dream. In the case of the old Thunderbird, that may be impossible for the owner. But sharing your dream may bring joy to another!


5 Replies to “It’s not going to happen”

  1. And maybe some dreams just aren’t worth following. It’s good to count the cost before you begin.

    But…don’t toss the dream away lightly…if it’s really a dream.

  2. I laid a lot of dreams aside in the past couple of years, and it felt really good.

    In the case of the car, it would be kind of nice to see someone have it who can actually do something with it.

    1. Tim, there is a definite freedom that comes from giving some things up.

      I think that car is not valuable enough for anyone to invest the effort in restoring it. It’s not iconic enough – at least that year.

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