The sadness of how little it’s worth

Old Tennis RacketsWhat once held value is now worth just a little above zero. These two tennis rackets are worth something to someone, but finding that someone would not be worth my time spent looking.

Ebay is a great avenue to sell many things. But the market for old tennis rackets is so small that few are selling there.

I think both of these rackets are beautiful. Sadly, my family does not have the space to store them nor the desire to put them up on a wall. So the thrift shop gets them. And at least a charity will benefit a small amount from the sale.

Here’s another tale of wasted beauty.


3 Replies to “The sadness of how little it’s worth”

  1. To quote from Joe Walsh’s great song “Things”: “You can hang things on your wall/ You can leave your things around/ You can mark some things 2001 and put them in the ground/ And maybe later on, they will dig them up some day/ And ooh and ahh, and “how ’bout that?”/ Who knows the things they’ll say?”

  2. Even my kids have zero sentimental attachment to my old stuff.

    We should have played tennis at SIL. I haven’t played since college but I have a racket from the Boutique.

    1. Tim, sadly, I am a complete klutz when it comes to tennis. You should dust off your racket, though!

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