Intentionally blank

This page intentionally left blankWe’ve all received documents in the mail that have “This page intentionally left blank” printed on one side.

That’s a beautiful reflection of some of the things that are wrong with American culture. My guess is that some team of lawyers made a bunch of money through a successful lawsuit against a company that caused deep emotional harm to an individual because they didn’t know that one blank page in their mortgage documents was supposed to be blank.

All that toner.  All that time going through laser printers.  And all those happy lawyers.

(Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against lawyers. But sometimes it’s just too much.)


5 Replies to “Intentionally blank”

  1. HI Paul,
    I recall that at our Intl conference the other year, we had big binders and many of the pages had “this page intentionally left blank”. Mostly to do with making things start on the right hand page.

    We also had a time when we did work in table groups and hung up big sheets of paper all around the conference room. So I hung up one that said, “this page intentionally left blank.”

    1. Tim, you can try this next time – make a blank page with page breaks. No need to put any type on the blank page. 🙂

  2. I’ve used it myself on long documents that will be printed on both sides of the paper with sections that need to start on a forward-facing page.

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