The plague of hold music

Customer service means waiting on hold.

Waiting on hold means listening to pop music. Or a loop of the same weird song, over and over and over.

Customer service should mean choices. I should be able to press “1” if I want to hear nothing but a message every minute or so saying, “You are still on hold. We are waiting for a representative to become available.”

And then there’s: “Please listen carefully, as our options have recently changed.” But we all know they changed the options five years ago! Customer service directors should understand that playing that message is a reflection of their being asleep at the wheel.


4 Replies to “The plague of hold music”

  1. I’m not a Mac guy so I haven’t had the experience, but what does Apple do? They seem to have a good handle on things like this.

    1. Sadly, Apple is not a paragon of customer support. But their Genius Bars are a great offering.

      I can’t remember calling them, so I don’t know what their hold music is.

  2. Coincidentally, I just had to call Apple Support today. They had three hold-music choices, “Pop,” “Classical,” and “Jazz,” PLUS there was a “no music/silence” option! That was great (I chose silence), but the service person did not help me very much at all. They were friendly, though.

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