The useless balcony

Across the street from my office is a relatively expensive apartment building.

We’re not talking NYC levels – but the rent is similar for one of those Greenwood Village 2-bedroom apartments to that of a suburban Denver 3-bedroom house.

Yes, there’s location – I could walk to work if I lived there.

But I am not questioning the residents’ decisions to live there – I can understand some of the charms.

Rather I’m questioning the residents who choose to put patio furniture on their small balconies. You see, there’s a steady flow of traffic during all waking hours. Noise and diesel fumes are part of the experience a resident would enjoy by sitting on their balcony for a glass of wine at sunset.

What’s different about watching and listening to waves crashing on the beach? Those sounds also ebb-and-flow. Water flows past your feet, just as compact utility vehicles do along East Belleview Avenue.


2 Replies to “The useless balcony”

  1. All in your perspective! I imagine people who choose to live in an urban environment like the noise, hustle and bustle – it’s exciting to them and gives them energy. Maybe it also gives them community – the sense that just outside their door (or window) are a whole bunch of neighbors. I can understand it, but I don’t think it’s for me!

  2. There are even people who love traffic so much they are ready to live inside highway exit ramp loops. I’ve seen pictures and videos of such appartment complexes. Clearly, it is not for everybody except for a select few…

    All we can wish for the residents you mention is that traffic subsides substantially after the evening rush hour, so they can enjoy their glass of wine in peace.

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