Parallel murder mysteries

I read murder mysteries on my Kindle some nights, just before drifting off to sleep.

I listen to murder mysteries via CDs that I check out from the library during my car commute.

My problem is that those two running plotlines sometimes blend.

And then, if I add in two or three nights’ sessions of an episode of Midsommer Mysteries on Acorn TV, it gets even worse.

Definitely a first-world problem.

Collage created from two Unsplash images by Yaroslav Đšorshikov and Alejo Reinoso. Copyright and used under Creative Commons license.


4 Replies to “Parallel murder mysteries”

  1. We’ll have to compare notes. Pretty much everything I read or watch is a murder mystery. But I know better than to do more than one at a time, haha.

    1. Love it, Donna!

      On Kindle, I buy sort-of random mysteries via a service called Bookbub, that has good deals.

      Library CDs – I check out via what the cover & short descriptions looks like – but I always get 4 at a time because most of the time, the first two or three are no good.

  2. I’ve had that problem before. Sometimes I have to go back a few pages to refresh my memory of the plot/characters/etc. (easier said than done on my Kindle).

    I often get emails from Amazon with suggestions of what they think I might like to read. I usually find them either too hard-core or too much fluff. But occasionally there’s a gem. I recently discovered Mary Stewart – not sure why I never heard of her, but I’ve enjoyed the couple books I’ve read so far.

    On TV I enjoy Death in Paradise, Father Brown and most of the Masterpiece Mysteries on PBS.

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