The post I couldn’t write

I started writing. I stopped.

It’s hard to be a voter in this election cycle.

Telling you why I voted one way or the other in a blog post is impossible. It’s so easy to be misunderstood or judged.

Our world has become so polarized that it’s hard to be fully heard. If a sound bite heading features what you don’t believe, you probably won’t read the whole article. And even if you read the whole article, you would probably read your own meaning over the words. I often do the same.

Face-to-face discussion is the only way to really understand what the other person means. (And yes, discuss at a safe distance.)


3 Replies to “The post I couldn’t write”

  1. Fully agreed, Paul. There is a lot of peer pressure and one has to re-evaluate what it means to vote your conscience. Things aren’t as black and white , no pun intended, as they may have been in my experience.

  2. Ha! Right to your point, the “headline” of this drew me in. Intrigued I was about what I imagined the content would be. Open mindedness, critical thinking, the wisdom and perspective gleaned by healthy debate…those should be timeless and revered by a healthy and just society.

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