Hidden details

My daughter loves Lululemon.

She worked at a Lululemon store for a few months over winter break and got the inside scoop on the Lululemon Life.

She has almost made more money buying used Lululemon apparel at the Goodwill and reselling on Poshmark than she made working at the Lululemon store. (Well, not really.)

During one of her Goodwill excursions, she discovered and very kindly bought me a long-sleeved Lululemon shirt at a fraction of the original price.

I like it.

After wearing the shirt about five times, I discovered words inside the cuffs!

“FIND YOUR FOCUS” was inside one sleeve and “LOOK INSIDE” graced the other. (And I just realized the double-entendre of “look inside.”)

What a great idea – giving customers a hidden feature to add a tiny bit of extra delight.

If you’re in business, think of ways to give hidden delight to your customers. You could convert a peripheral customer to a loyal fan. (Don’t worry – that’s not really going to happen for me with Lululemon.)

p.s. I thought it would be hilarious if Lululemon put “EXERCISE REALLY ISN’T THAT GREAT” inside one of its sleeves.


4 Replies to “Hidden details”

  1. I don’t know nothin about clothing lines but I relish in buying well made clothing at ARC or Goodwill. It’s an intrinsic reward knowing you’ve spent a fraction. The only hidden delight I need is not overspending on junk that is high priced because of a perceived sense of value that I do not share.

    1. Phil – I am with you on how great it is to give quality stuff a longer life by shopping at Goodwill and ARC! And many times it’s not worth the extra to pay for brand names.

  2. Here, here, Phil! I LOVE the Goodwill and the Facebook marketplace. I do like the idea of surprise and delight in products…if it would’ve said, “USE THE FORCE” on that cuff, I would be in!

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