They are selling a lifestyle

lifestyle-ipadOne evening, I watched all of Apple’s iPad videos. But then, I’m a fanboy, so it was fun.

I noticed a few things – none of the models were older than about 32. I remember seeing a kid in only one. The rooms that each video was shot in were perfect. The models represented a little politically-correct ethnic diversity. (I think the mix was fairly close to what their real life buyers might be – maybe the videos were a little heavy on the African-American side.)

None of this was surprising to me.

Apple is selling a lifestyle. “If you buy an iPad, you will look like this.”

Don’t buy that. (But if you can afford it and can actually use one, do buy an iPad. Or at least buy and use a coffee press.)

And finally, since today is earth day, I would ask you to consider not buying that next “thing” on your list, whether it’s an iPad or a coffee press. Instead, use the thing you already have and make it work. That choice will be very green, if you care about such matters.


Earth Day is today


What can you do for Earth Day?

  1. Walk somewhere instead of driving.
  2. Pick up something along your walking path and recycle it.
  3. Rinse, repeat. (In other words, do this on days other than just Earth Day.)

You might be surprised what your local recycler will accept today. These days, we have more in our recycing bins at the end of the week than in our trash bins, almost.

Besides saving energy through recycling, you will be increasing the enjoyment of those who walk on the path after you.