Fun way to add spice to your website

letter f - as artwork. copyright JESSICA HISCHEun. Sometimes our blogs need just a little injection of life.

I found this great site by Jessica Hische called Daily Drop Cap. If you know just a tiny bit of html, you can add fun drop caps to any of your blog posts. (Thanks, Jessica!)

Now I’ll add some lorem ipsum text, courtesy of Hipster Ipsum, just so you can see what another of the drop caps look like.

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And if you need regular loremĀ ipsum, here’s a great site to get that from:’s Lorem Ipsum Generator.


Jerry’s power

jerry-f3A good friend is a student at Denver Seminary. She shared some treasures from their book sale. I had to pass these precious findings on to you…

There are some mixed messages found therein – Jerry claimed to be both the author of our troubles and the only name that can bring salvation?