Becoming a millionaire

What would I do with $7.5 million?

During our recent long-weekend family vacation, I had the luxury of sleeping late enough to linger on a dream. I won $7.5 million in some kind of a contest. (The kind of contest was not revealed to me – dreams are so funny in how they give us such random details and leave out others.)

The first thing I thought of was how I would get two more Solatubes for our living area and hallway. (The two we currently have are wonderful!)

I ended up paying off our mortgage. We kept our two current vehicles – but I spent some money fixing them up to perfection.

Being a car guy, I pondered how fun it would be to get a fairly new sports car. (Even though I was a millionaire, I could not fathom spending the extra for a brand-new car. Some aspects of my thinking will never change.) But in the end, I decided against it, as I could not store it on the street and thereby show off our wealth. Our minivan would need to stay in our one-car garage, as it’s such a pain to clean off the snow on winter mornings.

Much of my dream was spent in figuring out how I would give to our missionary friends. That was a tangle of thoughts. Investment of the money was tied into that – as of course we would need to live off the income for years to come and be able to continue giving.

So overall, the money in my dream was not a fun thing. I guess that’s a indication that life is good the way it is.

Lest you think I am a total killjoy, in the dream I booked first-class air travel for an upcoming (real life) long trip in the fall – for myself and all those traveling with me. Long trans-oceanic flights are brutal. I’ve often dreamed of how nice it would be to experience one of those voyages in a total-recline seat.