Following can be good

This little saying is on my bicycle shoes.

I don’t agree.

There are times when it’s appropriate to follow. We sometimes have to admit that others know more than we do about certain things. We follow. We sometimes must realize that another has been before us. They probably know the way better than we do. We follow.

Even bicycle racers know that you must switch off leading in longer races. If you break the wind for the riders behind you, you’re using up more energy than they are. You must let them lead part of the time to share the energy load.

Leading is great. But not all the time.


One Reply to “Following can be good”

  1. I completely agree!
    a little fun for your thursday: in Dutch the words to suffer and to lead are pronounced the same way; one is “lijden” and the other is “leiden”, sounds like leighden.
    only 60 more days!

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