Apple admits mistake

The new iPod Shuffle was released on September 1st. It might look familiar… it is nearly identical to the model two generations back. (In the photos, the next-to-latest is on top and the newest is on the bottom.)

You see, the gum-stick model was not easy to use. The controls were tiny – tucked onto the headphone cord. Not a good idea. So Apple went back to the model that did (and does) work well.

I haven’t seen a public apology… yet.

Top photo is from Wikipedia and bottom photo is from Apple.


iPod Shuffle 2009 Review


Yes, Apple just came out with a new iPod Shuffle. As always, it’s cool. As always, if you’re into tech stuff, you want one.

+ Very cool size – smaller than ever.
+ Voice Over feature, where you can hear what songs you are listening to. This is by far the biggest innovation. Funny enough, if you have a Windows computer, it speaks to you in a female voice and male if you have a Mac. (An “alpha” thing?)
+ 4 gb capacity (2 gb was the previous high).

– 10 hour battery life. (The current Nano has 24 – and the $29 Shuffle I’ll mention in a minute has 12.)
– You can only use the Apple-provided headphones, which don’t fit every set of ears. (They don’t fit mine!)

Suggestion: Buy a 1 gb Shuffle from the Apple Refurb store for $29 or $39, depending on availability. Get a great set of headphones and sing all the way to the bank. (Update: Now there are 2 gb models for $39, if you keep checking back.)

Big users’ tip: always leave the headphones plugged in. If you take them out, this puppy is so small you’ll lose it within minutes.