Apple admits mistake

The new iPod Shuffle was released on September 1st. It might look familiar… it is nearly identical to the model two generations back. (In the photos, the next-to-latest is on top and the newest is on the bottom.)

You see, the gum-stick model was not easy to use. The controls were tiny – tucked onto the headphone cord. Not a good idea. So Apple went back to the model that did (and does) work well.

I haven’t seen a public apology… yet.

Top photo is from Wikipedia and bottom photo is from Apple.


4 Replies to “Apple admits mistake”

  1. Yes, interesting to see backtracking. I’m surprised they made the “mistake” in the first place. However it’s probably hard to do a lot of consumer testing as they have to keep the wraps on things so much, they can only test with a small group, or mostly with employees.

    However I expect that if they wanted to use either of us, we could be discrete, right?

  2. The last gen, the theory (apparently) was that putting the contols on the earphohne wire allowed you to safely leave the device in your pocket or bag, but still allowing you to control it.

    I have those controls on my earphone .. i never use the earphones, they dont’ stay in my ears!

  3. Paul: I’d happily join the private Apple product testing group also.

    Tim: I agree – those Apple earbuds don’t fit my ears.

    I do like the *size* of the old gumstick model, if not the functionality.

  4. Well hey, I’ve got the oldest version, I think–the thick gum stick with the controls in easy reach. It fits nicely in my hand. I personally like that model best, because the longer stick end stays wrapped in the palm of your hand so your thumb and fingers can do easier action. I’m serious! I had to learn these kinds of hand mechanics when studying the guitar. It’s sorta similar.

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