We are so small

We are so smallIt’s always good to get perspective.

Last week, we went to Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park. It’s a dramatic place – huge sand dunes are spread at the base of a larger chain of mountain peaks.

Thankfully, the weather was perfect. The wind was not blowing very much. The temperature was cool – our bare feet did not burn.

It’s always good to remember just how small we are in the scope of things.

(That’s Heather in the middle. Jay, Ben and Rachel are in the distance.)


It’s all a matter of perspective

coffin-panelsSo I was sitting in a l-o-n-g awards ceremony in fancy hotel’s oversized meeting hall. Bored.

I looked up.

What did I see? Panels shaped like coffins hanging from the ceiling. What did Heather see? Connectors for Hot Wheels track.

Takeaway: How can you look at things differently today? And it might be good to ask someone else for their perspective on your situation or problem.


Art history in 1956


One of the random things I saved from my mom’s stuff was a notebook of art history notes from 1956. (She got an art history degree from the University of Texas, I think after my brother was born in 1957.)

I skimmed some of the notebook. It was fun to read her idealistic college-student perspective… just taking in what the professor said as “that must be true”. It was hard to imagine her sitting in class rapidly taking notes.

I contrasted that perspective to her later recollections of her professors’ teachings – she saw through the nonsense that some modern art is.

Takeaway: How can we retain a bit of idealism in our lives?