Art history in 1956


One of the random things I saved from my mom’s stuff was a notebook of art history notes from 1956. (She got an art history degree from the University of Texas, I think after my brother was born in 1957.)

I skimmed some of the notebook. It was fun to read her idealistic college-student perspective… just taking in what the professor said as “that must be true”. It was hard to imagine her sitting in class rapidly taking notes.

I contrasted that perspective to her later recollections of her professors’ teachings – she saw through the nonsense that some modern art is.

Takeaway: How can we retain a bit of idealism in our lives?


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  1. I read some old notes my dad had made in the 60’s and 70’s from his job at the D.O.T., and it gives you a unique perspective on your your parents’ lives outside of what you think you know.. I was more impressed that these things were lying around in a box in closet..

    Idealism seems to be a trait that only youth possesses…

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