It was really good, but I’m not rich


I admit. I’m a sucker for new products.

So Metromint was an easy one for me to try – I like mint, and I don’t like sugary drinks (very often). Plus, it was on sale for about a third off the list price.

Verdict? Good. Nice clean taste. The bottles said “-6 degrees” (Spearmint) and “-8 degrees” (Peppermint). That’s a bit confusing – are you supposed to chill them to that temperature for maximum enjoyment? (If you were, there would have to be some anti-freeze ingredient.)

Final verdict? Don’t buy. Why?

1. The bottled water problem of your having to dispose of or recycle the bottle and the environmental costs of transporting the water to your store. (Pipes do it cheaper – if you live in North America, anyhow.)

2. Try my much cheaper version here. Not as cool-looking, but it does taste good.


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  1. This arrived in our healthy foods store a year or so ago, and I had to try it. I like it, but yes – it’s pricey. I only buy them occasionally, and only on sale. There are other flavors: lemon-mint, orange-mint, chocolate-mint, maybe more?

    The -6 and -8 on the bottle are to indicate how cold they are supposed to feel to your senses by the addition of mint. So if you drink them in hot weather, the mint is supposed to make you feel cooler. Does kinda work, actually!

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