More ephemera

cold-waterOne of the things I will miss about winter is cold water. In Denver during the winter, water comes out of our taps at just above freezing. I love that for drinking – but not for our water heating bill.


It was really good, but I’m not rich


I admit. I’m a sucker for new products.

So Metromint was an easy one for me to try – I like mint, and I don’t like sugary drinks (very often). Plus, it was on sale for about a third off the list price.

Verdict? Good. Nice clean taste. The bottles said “-6 degrees” (Spearmint) and “-8 degrees” (Peppermint). That’s a bit confusing – are you supposed to chill them to that temperature for maximum enjoyment? (If you were, there would have to be some anti-freeze ingredient.)

Final verdict? Don’t buy. Why?

1. The bottled water problem of your having to dispose of or recycle the bottle and the environmental costs of transporting the water to your store. (Pipes do it cheaper – if you live in North America, anyhow.)

2. Try my much cheaper version here. Not as cool-looking, but it does taste good.


Why the cup?


A few days ago, our family splurged and enjoyed a MacDonalds lunch. As usual, we all got water. For us, the big reason is saving $5 or more.

This was the first time I had seen cups specifically for water. Possible reasons for this are:

  1. To keep the customers honest. If another customer saw someone filling their water cup with soda, the fraudulent filler might feel guilty.
  2. To make the water drinker feel self-righteous. They might want to brag that they are drinking a healthier drink than others.

Do you have any additional ideas why they may have done this?


Bottled water

I have preached about the evils of bottled water here and here. But if you go to the iTunes store, you can see a free 6-minute video that says it better than I can. Search for “bottled water” under the iTunes U section.