Shopping without spending

Frye casual shoesAs the holiday season descends upon us, it’s easy to get into the spending mode when you see something you like. Here’s a little idea to stave off your purchasing hunger. It worked for me, and maybe it will work for you.

When you see something cool, just take a photo of it with your phone. Then you can savor the coolness later without having to spend anything. Chances are, the thrill of that purchase would quickly disappear anyway.

Further notes: 1) I do like these shoes, but I don’t need any more. And $135 is a little too pricey for these. 2) Yes, you should be thinking about others when you are doing your holiday shopping.


We are different, and that’s good

Threshold from TargetTarget has a new line of housewares: Threshold. Some of the stuff is awesome and some is junk.

I found it interesting that on one store shelf, there were two items that gave me complete opposite reactions. One item I loved and the other I hated. That reminded me that many people love the thing I hated and many people hate the thing I loved. I delight in how different we are!

Footnote: If you check back on Friday, I’ll reveal in the comments which of these two things I loved and which thing I hated.