New toothpaste

Lush Cosmetics Shopping BagNewer visitors at Shiny Bits of Life may not know that I also run The International Toothpaste Museum.

The latest paste is one of the most unique – from Lush Cosmetics.

And just to throw you off, I’m not showing the paste here but rather the shopping bag it came in. (Thanks, Amy!)


Money saving tip

toothpaste-saveThe little things add up.

I shared this tip before but there are enough people who didn’t see it that it’s worth sharing again.

One way to save time and money is to cut your toothpaste tube – just as you finish. Then you can dip out about 5 more brushings’ worth.

Money? About 1/150 of the cost of a tube. Time? You won’t have to rush off to your toothpaste seller as quickly. Environment? If millions of others join us in this habit, we will be helping tons of fewer tubes to be manufactured and then thrown into landfills.


Oh happy day – MORE


Saturday was such a fabulous day! Not only did Ed send us a package, John and Amy did too!

They know what a collector I am. I fight the urge, but it brings me much joy to collect. And when the collectables take up little space, all the more joy. Thank you, John and Amy!

They live in a beautiful part of Germany, though they are American. Their amazing little town has at least one pastry shop. I can just taste it now… Sigh.

The International Toothpaste Museum is the proud recipient of another tube, and it’s already highlighted.

So why have I published two very similar posts in a row? Well, my aim is not to bore you, dear reader – but rather to highlight shiny bits of life. Both packages were full of shiny bits – and thus the thrill for me. I would guess that at some level, you must enjoy shiny bits of life – or you wouldn’t be reading this. (And thank you for reading!)


Oh happy day!


My friend Ed sent us a package.

What a joy! Many many wonderful inclusions for every member of the family. Each item reflected thoughtful awareness of what each of us might like.

The International Toothpaste Museum is the proud recipient of two tubes, which will be featured soon.

We met Ed when we lived in England. He still lives there but was over in the States for a conference. Though we couldn’t meet up, he was kind enough to send us many gifts.

Thank you, Ed! It’s great to have friends.