What I Learned From a Sidewalk


I look down a lot, when I am walking. I should be looking up. But that’s a story for another time.

So I saw this little heel that fell off a woman’s shoe. (She must have had to walk unevenly the rest of the way to her destination.) But that got me thinking about womens’ dress shoes. A lot of pressure is focused on one small point.

And life is like that.

What is an area of your life where you can distribute the pressure? What are some ways you can do this? And what are ways you can do it slowly. Slow change is often more do-able than fast change.

(Special thanks to Robert Hruzek for this post idea.)


10 Replies to “What I Learned From a Sidewalk”

  1. Hey, good one, Paul! Isn’t it amazing how the most inconsequential things we run across on the path of life can spark the most profound thoughts?

    Great entry, Paul: pithy, powerful, provoking!

    Tip o’ the hat, Bubba!

  2. Excellent post — thought provoking for sure. One big difference between women’s high heeled shoes and running shoes is the way pressure on the heel is distributed. With a flared heel, a running shoe distribute pressure over a much bigger area — distributes the pressure among a much larger number of points. I’ll take the running shoes any day of the week!!

  3. Life; what is the point? – the pressure point. For me it’s relationships. I’ve learnt a lot over the years about ways to make them as smooth as possible, but there’s still so much to learn. Is it a journey without a destination? I’d like to think we can enjoy the ride even if there’s no perfectly happy ending.

    BTW, How’s yours going to end?

  4. Well, Pebbly, I believe in heaven, so that’s how my life is going to end (after death).

  5. I always wondered what the point of pointed heel shoes was. I hope my toes never have to learn the hard way. 🙂

    Pebbly, I love that! The point of life is the pressure point.

  6. Shoe Pressure

    Running shoes = something I probably should be doing.
    Swanky high heels = something I probably shouldn’t be doing.
    That’s why I go barefoot.

    ; ) chris t.

  7. What’s my pressure point? It used to be pressure now it is enjoyed-the everyday living of life. Switching jobs, changing my attitude, and laughing everyday have made a pressure point into a positive point! Loved the thoughts your provoked in your post!

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