What I learned from community


Over the weekend of May 1st, I attended SOBCon, a social media conference in Chicago. The highlight by far was “mastermind sessions” with the group at my table.

Becky, NEENZ, Sheila and Jon (not shown) were amazing people to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

One presentation covered our image and how important that is in our personal and organizational lives. We came to the concensus that it is important that others help you with any changes you need to make in that area. So we’re holding each other accountable – by Twitter!

NEENZ shared that in her native Hawaii, the attitude is so laid back that it’s hard to change. People accept you so much that they often prevent you from making any positive change. (“Awww – you don’t need to change! You’re fine!”) We agreed that true friends (and true community) tell each other tough things – as well as affirming things… “Speak the truth in love,” is what it says in Ephesians 4:15 (from the Bible).

A special thanks to Robert, who I also met at the conference, for this wonderful post idea.


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  1. Accountability – now there’s a notion! Yikes, you guys got really serious at SOBCon! Glad I wasn’t at your table! 😀

    It’s good to be able to share with each other, isn’t it? That’s one of the hallmarks of a good – and healthy – community, I think.

    Hey, tip o’ the hat for the WILF entry, Paul!

    1. Thank YOU, Robert!

      It was indeed a real pleasure to meet you and connect. I wish we had more time together in Chicago. Maybe next time!

  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for this post, and for the good thoughts about accountability. Oddly enough, I have the opposite problem from NEENZ – I’m way too driven and obsessive and need more people to talk me out of that!

    That’s why we had the Awesome Table – great balance.

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