listsMy sister who lives in Belgium and I like to exchange lists. Other people’s lists. We often find them outside supermarkets, thrown away and tossed by the wind.

These two were enjoyable – the top made me wonder, “What in the world is a ‘Bumbo Baby sitter Pink’??” And the bottom – much smaller amusement – but I enjoyed the interesting spelling of “popscikles”.

Finally, there is a magazine devoted to this sort of thing. I have never subscribed, but I like to visit their site from time to time.


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  1. A bumbo is a molded seat for babies, they are awesome, lightweight, good for even very young babies (I think we put Bean in there when he was 3 months old) And I’d like to know where they found one for $35.09, b/c in my neck of the woods, they cost around $60! I love foundmagazine, but I’ve never found anything really interesting. Lucky you – and your sister!

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