My dream truck

© 2014 Paul Merrill
I didn’t take time to make it really convincing in Photoshop.

But I think you get my point — why not go even bigger and badder? (Meanwhile, I continue to drive my little car — and live in fear of such machines.)


Something fun

bathtub soap holderLife is short. I am happy this time to focus on something fun…


How great to have a soap dish like a little bathtub! The creator simply took something out of context — a soap dish — and made it into something related but entirely different than normal.

May we all be infused with a bit of fun creativity today.


Being a pain sometimes works

first-ten-speedWhen I was about 12, I desperately wanted a racing bicycle. I saved some money but couldn’t quite stretch to make the investment. I dreamed how amazing it would be to have a bike that was faster and much cooler than my 3-speed. I nagged my parents. Over and over. Eventually, their resistance broke down and they helped me get the bike.

I recently took this photo outside my local bike shop. There’s a rack outside with old bikes people bring in when they are ready to buy a new one. Those bikes are given to a local charity every few months. That charity refurbishes the old bikes and then gives them to kids who wouldn’t be able to get a bike even if they nagged their parents.

When I park my bike there, I scan the bikes just for fun. This old bike is very close to the one I got as a reward for my persistence. It had the same florescent orange bolts and heavy steel crankset.

Don’t give up. Your persistence may pay off.


Merry Christmas

Hand-made angelI hope you have a great Christmas!

(My dad made the angel. He used to create them using Coke cans. This one was special, I guess. He died several years ago, and I enjoy remembering him through things he gave us.)


Fun way to add spice to your website

Fun. Sometimes our blogs need just a little injection of life.

I found this great site by Jessica Hische called Daily Drop Cap. If you know just a tiny bit of html, you can add fun drop caps to any of your blog posts. (Thanks, Jessica!)

Now I’ll add some lorem ipsum text, courtesy of Hipster Ipsum, just so you can see what more of the drop caps look like. Forage hella mixtape american apparel, marfa raw denim flexitarian brooklyn. Viral semiotics bicycle rights, polaroid master cleanse chambray cardigan. Mustache aesthetic messenger bag, pickled yr you probably haven’t heard of them mlkshk Austin brooklyn cliche bushwick fixie tattooed trust fund wayfarers. Salvia hoodie pinterest cred, single-origin coffee.

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Poll about brewing coffee

Hey friends, here’s a fun poll just for something different. You can see what the results are by clicking the “View Results” link at the bottom of the poll. And if you brew your coffee using a different method, let us know by a comment on this post. Thanks!

[polldaddy poll=6310515]


Fun for your Friday, number 19

Cano's Castle of Antonito, Colorado

This house — or temple — is in the remote town of Antonito, Colorado. We passed through there in March and I thankfully saw it from Highway 285, even though it’s maybe half a mile from the main road.

I was amused at the arch across the entrance: “ALCOHOL+TOBACCO IS KILLS” and “MARY JANE IS HEALING.” The creator of this western Graceland is or was quite prolific. Every surface of both spires is ironically covered with the ends of beer cans.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I discovered that this is “Cano’s Castle,” built by Donald “Cano” Espinoza.