Being a pain sometimes works

first-ten-speedWhen I was about 12, I desperately wanted a racing bicycle. I saved some money but couldn’t quite stretch to make the investment. I dreamed how amazing it would be to have a bike that was faster and much cooler than my 3-speed. I nagged my parents. Over and over. Eventually, their resistance broke down and they helped me get the bike.

I recently took this photo outside my local bike shop. There’s a rack outside with old bikes people bring in when they are ready to buy a new one. Those bikes are given to a local charity every few months. That charity refurbishes the old bikes and then gives them to kids who wouldn’t be able to get a bike even if they nagged their parents.

When I park my bike there, I scan the bikes just for fun. This old bike is very close to the one I got as a reward for my persistence. It had the same florescent orange bolts and heavy steel crankset.

Don’t give up. Your persistence may pay off.


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  1. And your persistence was observed from a distance by a church family that were friends of your parents – and especially their son, a kid a couple of years behind you. That same persistence was used on my parents to get my first ‘racing’ bike. And if I remember correctly – you spent a good deal of time painting that bike and truly making it yours. Thanks for being such a positive example – even to folks you may not think are watching!

  2. Thanks Curt!

    And it’s good to hear from you here. I remember good times we had together in Lexington and Woburn.

  3. Paul, I might have told you this story before. Forgive me. When I was 12 years old, I finally got a unicycle for Christmas. I had begged for one the two Christmases prior. My parents didn’t believe I would actually learn and enjoy a unicycle. Surely, it was a passing fad. No.

    Christmas day I got a unicycle. Christmas day I learned to ride a unicycle. I peddled it up and down our long hallway with hands on the adjacent walls. Took it outside on the snowy patio – rode it there with no hands. 🙂

    Persistence does pay off. And it kills fads.

    1. Bill – do you need some Matchbox cars? I’ve been supplying some to Paul via the mail. Would you like one? I can pick out one for you. 🙂

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