1971 Honda SedanI love small cars. I love Hondas. But I don’t love this car, that I spotted on a local street. The owner was (and probably still is) asking $7,500 for this old gem. It may be “All REBUILT” – but you would have to be very much in love with this particular car to pay the asking price.

Yes, it’s quirky. Yes, it’s very small (smaller than an original Mini), but it would take about three times longer to get from stoplight to stoplight than with just about any new car on the road today. Getting a simple oil change would be an exercise in frustration, as parts are rare, even in Japan! And you could get a used Honda Fit for even less than that price and get about the same good fuel economy.

So before you take a deep dive into nostalgia, count the costs.


2 Replies to “Dreaming”

  1. Very cute, but the price is ridiculous if you’re looking for transportation rather than a collector’s item. We have a neighbor whose son makes his living buying old sports cars (can’t remember which brand — Austin Healey? Triumph?) and stripping them down and selling off the parts. He said the one he drives is worth maybe $2500 as a drivable car, but $6000 as parts.

  2. Tim: interesting take on getting a “collectable.”

    I love the beauty of old cars but would not want to take on the constant maintenance and expense of repairs.

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