Evernote windowLists keep me sane. Putting something on a list allows me to stop worrying about it. I love knowing that I’m keeping track of most of my to-do items on various lists. I enjoy being able to easily find those lists.

Evernote is a tool that helps me keep track of my lists. It’s free and also cloud-based, so I can access those lists from my mobile device. (Like every cloud-based tool I’ve used, that aspect is not perfect… syncing may or may not happen as fast as I want it to. However, it does work most of the time.)

There is tons of functionality that Evernote offers. I am barely scratching the surface. Only using it for lists works well for me.

Give it a try! This is not a paid ad. I use Evernote and think you should too.


2 Replies to “Lists”

  1. I like making lists – it makes me feel organized and like I’ve got a handle on things. Problem is – I make the list and then promptly forget it. I’m good on the making, not so good on the using.

    1. Totally agreed! If I did everything on my lists, I’d be miles ahead. But I’d also get no sleep or leisure time.

      At least Evernote had made a central place for my lists to live. That has helped me accomplish more.

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