Great thinking

double-sided-receiptSprouts, a health-oriented supermarket¬†with stores near us, has a great idea… double-sided receipts! I’m not referring to the kind with advertising on the back. These have purchase information carried onto the formerly blank side.

This will effectively save about twice as much paper as regular receipts. Yes, there is an infrastructure cost – registers that can print tape on both sides are probably more expensive than those that print only on one side. But that cost will eventually be made up. Or not. Even if it costs more money in the long run, that’s a nice investment in the health of our planet.

If you want to find your nearest Sprouts, click here.


8 Replies to “Great thinking”

  1. Whole Foods Market here has been doing this for a few years now. Perhaps Sprouts got the idea from them?

    1. Apparently, San Antonio Whole Foods are ahead of Denver’s. (Lucky you!) Ours do not have double-sided register tape yet.

  2. The average receipt uses twice as much paper as necessary because they add that stupid survey information below the purchase data.

  3. One time in Zim I bought an item in a department store and the guy hand wrote my receipt. It took ages, but I wasn’t in a hurry.

  4. I realize this is a little late, but while doing some Christmas shopping at Hobby Lobby, I walked out to my car and noticed my receipt was double-sided.

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