My dream truck

© 2014 Paul Merrill
I didn’t take time to make it really convincing in Photoshop.

But I think you get my point — why not go even bigger and badder? (Meanwhile, I continue to drive my little car — and live in fear of such machines.)


4 Replies to “My dream truck”

  1. Speaking of making things bigger and badder just because.…I just heard Dodge is going to begin putting 700 horsepower engines into the Challenger and Charger (I think). Nobody needs that much HP in a street car, but they already have a couple thousand orders!

    1. Deb — I agree. I’ve heard of those fringe cars. They are a ploy by tire manufacturers. (Just kidding, sort of.) Can you imagine how fast they would go through a set of rear tires, due to burnouts?

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