My dream truck

© 2014 Paul Merrill
I didn’t take time to make it really convincing in Photoshop.

But I think you get my point – why not go even bigger and badder? (Meanwhile, I continue to drive my little car – and live in fear of such machines.)


4 Replies to “My dream truck”

  1. Speaking of making things bigger and badder just because. . . .I just heard Dodge is going to begin putting 700 horsepower engines into the Challenger and Charger (I think). Nobody needs that much HP in a street car, but they already have a couple thousand orders!

    1. Deb – I agree. I’ve heard of those fringe cars. They are a ploy by tire manufacturers. (Just kidding, sort of.) Can you imagine how fast they would go through a set of rear tires, due to burnouts?

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