Beauty with age

rusted light fixtureIt’s rusting.

Is rust beautiful? Some think so. Others think it needs to be sanded off, painted with primer and given a protective coat. For our bathroom light fixture, we could go one of three ways – leave it as it is, replace it or fix it. The lazy option won out – for the time being.

Another thing about this light fixture’s rust is that it causes the fixture to no longer look new – and it’s not perfect anymore.

The desire for perfection varies from person to person. As people mature, they realize that all battles can’t be won, so they must choose which battles to fight. One must decide whether each fight for perfection is worth spending the energy, time and/or money to win.


One Reply to “Beauty with age”

  1. Maybe it’s also about choosing scenarios that don’t lead to a battle, or allow for it. For example, the way that bridges are built with allowance for the metal to expand and contract with the heat/cold. They know about the ‘battle’ that will come, so they make choices with that in mind.

    So with the light fixture, maybe a choice of a non-rusting or ceramic fitting would be an idea. Or just celebrate the rust that you know is a-coming.

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