They do the same thing

Tutima watch dialI love expensive watches. But I would never buy one.

One warm fall day I was driving north on a major street in suburban Denver. At every stop light, my $3,000 Toyota arrived slightly before the $100,000 Porsche in the lane next to me. Both drivers were accomplishing the same thing – going from Littleton to Denver.

A $2,000 Tutima watch tells time maybe just slightly more accurately than a $30 Timex. Its intricate detail is beautiful to behold. The owner knows that he supported a craftsman in Germany rather than a factory worker in China. If the owner breaks it, his tears will last much longer than those of someone who breaks their Timex.

But the Tutima owner is buying exclusivity. He may be the only kid on his block with that model. He knows that his wrist is holding a reflection of high human achievement.

How long does the pleasure of buying an expensive watch last? For some, a long time. For those with many, probably a short time.

I do grant a peer-review aspect to the equation. If a real estate agent is trying to sell a $2,000,000 house, she may not want to be seen wearing a $35 watch. With a Patek Philippe on her wrist, the message is, “I’m in your league.”

Which watch will you buy?


4 Replies to “They do the same thing”

  1. I quit wearing a watch when I got a cell phone. I used to change my watch whenever the watch band broke or the battery died, because it was $2.50 for a battery or $8 for a new watch band, but I could usually find a $5 watch at Walmart. Of course, a $5 watch doesn’t last long with the way I sweat in the summer.

    A Lexus is basically a fancy Toyota. I can’t see spending three times as much for a car that’s not that much more functional and reliable than my Corolla, but there are a lot of Lexuses around.

    1. Thanks Tim. I also do not wear a watch, even though I like them. The time is visible in a lot of places – my phone being one that is usually too close by.

  2. I’m currently wearing a Muji (No Brand) grey watch (approx £25) with black leather strap (approx £3.50). I like the look of it (and subtly hope it looks like an expensive watch; my pride in action).

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