Not going to buy it

souvenir-mugHaving access to a digital camera is so freeing. I no longer have to buy things. I can just take a picture, and all it consumes is a few megabytes. Virtually no money is involved. No cubic feet, inches or centimeters need to be occupied in our cabinets. No children need to take trips to the Goodwill (charity shop) after I’m gone. No decisions in the morning of which mug to use.

But I do have a nice reminder of the visual texture a few hundred mugs provide.

Take only pixels, leave only footprints.

(By the way, those of you who know me realize I would not take one of these mugs for myself, even if it was free. And this is not a comment against those of you who like to collect mugs. I do collect physical – and virtual – toothpaste. I have my vices.)


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  1. it also means you don’t have to keep everything. i am a total pack rat, except now i take pictures of things i don’t really need to hang on to, and i can just satisfy my nostalgia with photos. i have a whole folder of pictures called “stuff i used to have”

  2. Cool picture. I hadn’t thought of taking pictures of the kitsch that I can’t afford and don’t need. I did find that some tourist shops (like the Britt-sponsored one in the Santiago Marriott) object to photos of their displays. I was taking one because Britt is a Costa Rican coffee company, and I found it interesting that they would operate tourist shops in Chile. (They also had stores in the airport.)

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