A great drink


As it gets hot outside (for those of you in the northern hemisphere), you need something cool to drink.

My enviro-suggestion is a water with essence drink. All you do is put a herbal tea bag in the bottom of your glass, throw some ice on top, pour on some tap water, wait 5 minutes, and stir. You can add sweetener if you like, though unsweetened works for me.

It has a more subtle flavor than iced tea. The tea bag will last for at least two fills.

I paid $2 for 25 peppermint tea bags at Big Lots a few days ago, so the total cost per 14-oz glass is maybe 10c, even if I factor in the cost of the electricity it took to make the ice. (If you really want to get technical, I rode my bike to the store, so there was no fuel cost either.)



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  1. Hi Paul, first an unrelated tidbit: Elsie really likes the bird on your home page. Related tidbit: I have a killer recipe for iced tea with lemon essence, if you want to call it that. I also have the inside scoop on a certain brand of tea I’ll have to tell you about. Remind me sometime.

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