More conspicuous consumption


This $440,000 Porsche Carrera GT was parked on a basic residential street in Aspen. That’s yours truly standing next to it, taken by yours truly’s wife.

That was the very first one I had ever seen in real life. And it was just parked out where anyone could lean against it or scratch it or… Well, anyhow, I was amazed that the owner(s) had driven it to Aspen. I was further amazed that they had not parked it in a garage.

Fine art, for all to see.

Now I have to admit, if someone gave me one and even paid for the fuel and insurance, I would not be able to drive it. I’d be thinking all the time of how much that money could do in the developing world to improve lives – or save lives. But it would be fun to take it for a quick spin!

What conspicuous consumption have you seen in the last few weeks?


One Reply to “More conspicuous consumption”

  1. We just finished packing our crates to return to Kenya. In the process, we made a dozen or more trips to Goodwill (dropping off stuff), made several extra trips to the recycle bins, put out tons of stuff for the trash collectors, gave a bunch of stuff to our daughter, and still had a minivan full of stuff to be stored. So, yes, I’ve found the conspicuous consumer and it’s me! 🙁

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