Time and changes


As time goes by, things change. We all know that – it’s a basic fact of life. But we don’t always accept it in our deep-down inner-selves. Somehow we expect things to remain the same. Relationships, our children, our home, our life. Even if it’s not a pleasing thing, when it changes, some of us get upset. Some people thrive on change and others hate it. You’re probably somewhere in the middle.

Anyhow, remember lick-em postage stamps? As we were clearing out my mom’s stuff, I came across this little stamp case – good for holding about 10 stamps in a compact secure way in your purse or (probably not) pocket.

In that case, change was good. Adhesive-backed stamps are superior in every way I can think of.

What coming change in your life is one you hate? Love?


2 Replies to “Time and changes”

  1. Except if your a stamp collector. There may be a a way to remove adhesive-backed stamps without ripping the stamp and envelope (I don’t know of it). But when I collected stamps (back in the day) I simply steamed of the stamp and if was ready for storing and the envelope was still intact.

  2. I was going to make exactly the same comment. I used to love soaking the stamps off letters, and saving them.
    I guess I don’t get a lot of letters these days… just emails.

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