Celebrating the obscure


…In this case, Saab.

A loyal reader told how she appreciates that I celebrate obscure aspects of life in this blog. (Thanks for appreciating that, Johanna!) It’s true – I enjoy noticing and highlighting the oblique aspects of life that many others either don’t care about or gloss over.

While one sister and her family were visiting recently, we had to take them up to the mountains, to celebrate an aspect of Colorado that is not obscure – our beautiful mountains.

We chose a day trip to Copper Mountain, because their chair lifts run for free in the summer. That gave all of us an easy way to quickly enjoy incredible views. Two of our party were under four, so the lack of a long hike was a major benefit to them!

After we returned to the resort, I enjoyed savoring an obscure aspect of the automotive kingdom – Saabs. The company held its national convention at Copper that weekend. We got to see more Saabs in one place than is normally possible (outside of Sweden). Many came from their US headquarters in Michigan.

My favorite was an ancient station wagon. It so clean that you could eat a meal off the air cleaner cover. Though it was very small, there were three rows of seats. My fantasy machine kicked into gear – I thought how perfect it would be for our family car. But my logical side said that it really doesn’t get much better fuel economy than our Honda minivan. And I’d have to develop a close personal relationship with a Saab mechanic to keep that baby on the road.

Maybe when I get to heaven, I’ll be driving a prehistoric Saab.


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  1. Three comments: (1) Thanks! How cool that I got mentioned in your blog?! (2) when I was maybe 10 years old, I told my older sister that my favorite car was an S-A-A-B. She hasn’t let me live that one down, and (3) I hope you’ll take me for a spin in your prehistoric Saab on those streets of gold.

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