Influenced, though never met


In fourth grade, I chose to play violin because I had a crush on a girl named Linda Cardone. She chose the violin as her instrument, so I did too. I thought I might get to sit next to her in orchestra.

My youngest sister chose violin, maybe because I had played. (Haven’t had the chance to ask her about that.) If that’s true, my fourth grade crush influenced the course of my sister’s life. She got a bachelor’s degree in viola performance and later a master’s degree in the same.

Thank you, Linda.


2 Replies to “Influenced, though never met”

  1. funny. In sixth grade I chose trombone b/c no one else was choosing it, BUT also b/c it meant that I’d have lessons with a certain boy who was playing a different instrument.

  2. In fifth grade, I chose trombone but 45 years later I have no idea why. I never regretted the choice though. Many times I have wished I had kept up with it.

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